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Frequently Asked Questions

How does FeedStation connect to my business?

FeedStation connects with your business using systems and processes already in-place: FTP, HTTP, Dropbox, password-protected file drop, email, direct storefront connection, web service, database, etc.

Can FeedStation understand my data?

Our platform was built to understand the data and formats you already use. You don't have to change your data, or convert it into another format for FeedStation. Additionally, your reports can be delivered in any format that makes sense to you.

Can FeedStation connect to private services?

Yes, FeedStation can connect and communicate with many services and endpoints. We'll just need to know some technical details first. Contact us and we'll help you figure it out.

How often does FeedStation make updates?

FeedStation makes updates continuously. Around-the-clock change detection is built in, and every time changes are found, they're analyzed and processed automatically. If updates are required, they're sent out as soon as possible, which keeps the information on your marketplaces up-to-date.

When and how does FeedStation charge for service?

We charge your credit card for monthly service on the first of each month. We pro-rate the first monthly payment based on the solution's go-live date. Annual rate plans are charged on the solution's go-live date.

Can FeedStation create new listings for me?

Yes, we can create new listings. We can update existing listings. We can even generate virtual listings for you. When listings need some special attention, we have a powerful, dynamic content delivery system that can create custom images on-the-fly. We can perform a one-time product load, or manage listings as part of your monthly service contract.


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What does "custom integration" mean?

Custom integration means that your entire solution is designed to satisfy your specific needs. Your business rules drive every facet of your program - listing management, quantity and price control, back-office fulfillment and accounting systems, and more.

Does FeedStation charge a percentage of each sale?

No, we never charge you a percentage of your sales.

Does FeedStation offer partial service refunds?

No, we do not offer refunds.

How do I cancel service?

If you want to cancel service, contact us within 14 days of your next billing cycle. But before it comes to that, please let us know what's not working, and let us try to fix it.

Do you ever sell information about your customers?

No, we never sell or share information about our customers with anyone, for any reason. That's not how we roll.

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